Support the @NHSPCA for Valentine's Day! #MyFurryValentineNH Support the @NHSPCA for Valentine's Day! #MyFurryValentineNH

Let this be your pet cause this month and show some love to animals that need it!

  • Your pet is lucky, many animals aren't. The ASPCA says about 2.7 million shelter animals are euthanized each year.
  • We've partnered with the New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (long name, excellent cause) to do some good this February.
  • Starting Jan. 25, Raka will donate $1 to the NHSPCA every time someone posts a picture (or gif or video) of a beloved pet with the hashtag #MyFurryValentineNH on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (sorry LinkedIn).
  • You can participate as a company, organization, or as an individual by sharing your pictures with the hashtag but also by filling out the form here to pledge an amount you'll donate for every use of #MyFurryValentineNH (we'll cap donations at $500 for each company/individual that pledges, including Raka).
  • After you pledge, your name will be added to our list below.

Be a sport. We know you've got a soft spot for animals. Take a good hard look at how we can help them. Partner with Raka and the NHSPCA. We thank you!




Pledge Your Support!

Thank you for sharing love with the NHSPCA!



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