Consistency Is Everything

Make sure everyone on your team is following the same rules.

We get the struggle. When there are multiple people tasked with pumping out blog posts, social messages, website copy, and design assets for your brand, it’s hard to ensure consistency. By documenting the colors, writing style, and other attributes that define your brand, you can keep writers, editors, and designers all on the same page.

This template gives your company the framework for building a style guide every member on your team can use as a reference. If your company doesn't have a style guide, or yours is in need of an update, you can use this template to:

  • Establish best practices for all company content.
  • Set standards for voice, tone, capitalization, and more.
  • Establish how, where, and when to use your logo, color palette, and typography.
  • Provide a comprehensive reference guide to current and new employees.

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